• What's the THCA?

    What's the THCA?
    What's the THCA?THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) occurs naturally in raw cannabis plant materials. In contrast to THC, THCA is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid. As the plant dries, THCA slowly converts to THC. Alternatively, being exposed to heat and sunlight will also THCA is converted to THC. Heat speeds up this conversion through a procedure known as decarboxylation. Another way to convert THCA to THC is to...
  • The Power of Flower

    The Power of Flower
    The Power of Flower Ultimately, it’s truly difficult to say what solvent-less extraction product is better. How will you know unless you experiment and try different rosin methods? It is not a question of whether to “Press or not to Press” but as to what solventless concentrates you prefer. Flower rosin is still the most popular for most home growers. This is because flower...
  • Choose Your Side Effects When Medicating

    Choose Your Side Effects When Medicating
    Choose Your Side Effects When Medicating This true story may sound familiar to many of you. As a disabled veteran, who needed to find alternative relief for my symptoms, I decided to self-medicate and did this for many years. I guess you can say that I was an “old school” user. Up until a few months ago, I discovered the use of and the amazing benefits of “concentrates.” On my journey, I discovered that cannabis is a complementary medicine therapy for me. I...
  • What Is All The Fuss, You May Ask, Concerning The Newfound Popularity Of Rosin Presses?

    What Is All The Fuss, You May Ask, Concerning The Newfound Popularity Of Rosin Presses?
    What is all the fuss, you may ask, concerning the newfound popularity of rosin presses?One reason is that it has permitted those that are highly interested and eager, even with no experience in extracting, to try it out with slight risks. The extraction process (of marijuana flower) using a rosin press is a simpler and faster method with the use of heat and pressure....
  • Let’s Talk About That Smell

    Let’s Talk About That Smell
    Let’s Talk About That Smell   Do you think that no one will notice that you just smoked a joint or lit up that bong? Well, think again Mr. Toker. Put down that weed and get rid of that skunk smell. For those of you out there that have ever experienced this: Worrying or even being told that you have a skunky smell about you. Well, that is what can be expected when...
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