DIY Rosin Press Kits


Build Your Own Hydraulic Rosin Heat Press - High Yield | Money Saving!

DIY Rosin Press Kits


DIY Rosin Press Kits of Dabpress dp-rp37

There are several tutorials on how to make DIY rosin press kit on YouTube channels and You are more detailed, but then again I will discuss with you the basic concept to make DIY rosin press kit. There are three important materials needed to build your own rosin press kit:  it includes, two aluminum plates, heating rod, and PID thermal controller. So the first step is to make holes on both sides of the plates. The holes must be fit to your rod. The next step is to make supporters to your upper plates.

And the last step is the installation of PID thermal controller, in this stage, you will deal with wiring and basically, PID is a most important item and it can be considered as the brain. It is responsible for controlling the temperature within the machine. Rosin controller system is the key importance. Then you should choose the right arbor or hydraulic jacket. It depends on how much pressure you need.

If you are tired of making DIY, you may have this dabpress dp-rp series item. It is a rosin press kit that features tough anodized aluminum and dual PID temperature controller.

How To Build Your Own Special Hydraulic Rosin Press

If you have an arbor press. We recommend you our dp-rp33. It's suitable for building arbor press with the tight budget.

Estimated Cost:
$199 for our anodized rosin press kit dp-rp33
$50-$80 for arbor press 
In total: $249-$279

If you're not so tight on budget, we recommend you our dp-rp35 & dp-rp37.
Estimated Cost:
$100-$150 for a h frame hydraulic press at local store. ( Harbor Freight etc)
$269-$399 for our anodized rosin press kit.( dp-rp35 or dp-rp37 )
In total: $369-$549

Cost above $1500 for a professional hydraulic rosin press is not quite as good as building a hydraulic rosin press.
Tens of times' pressing, you'll realize you have saved a lot!

Let us enjoy pressing and start money saving! 

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Enjoy your pressing time!

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