dp-rp257 2.5x7″ Pro Anodized Rosin Caged Cube Kits - Build A Hydraulic Rosin Heat Press

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Rosin Cage Kits


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Dabpress dp-rp257 Pro Rosin Caged Cube Kits With Quad Anodized Plates in Rosin Cube, Dual Heaters, Dual Temp Sensors, Temperature Control Box - Complete Setup To Pair With A Hydraulic Press for Commercial Use

  • dp-rp257 Pro is Fully Assembled at the Factory. Simply Move Cube Kit to Hydraulic Shop Press and Begin Working.
  • Does Not Fit Some A-Frame Press, H-Frame is Recommended for Proper Clearance.
  • Well-packaged, Without Any Marks on Thickened Plain Carton.
  • Support Use about Yield and Press, Read Our Blog
  • Why Can't I Use Dabpress Temp Controller Box for E-nail? Read Here
Packing List:
  • 1Pcs x Pro Anodized Plates Rosin Cube
  • 1Pcs x Rosin Control Box dp-tc02r165 [ Powers Two Heating Plates Only ]
  • Instruction Manual 
  • 1Pcs Screwdriver
    • Temperature Range: 0-399F
    • Power: 600W or 1200W (If Using Second Rosin Control Box Sold Separately)
    • Voltage: 110V 
    • Plate Size: Dual 2.5" x 7" 
    • Rosin Cube Dimensions: 3.5" x 11" x 6.3"
    • External Package: 15.3" x 13.8" x 9"
    • Gross Weight: 23.3lbs
        • Offer Free Shipping to Australia, E.U., North America and the UK
        • Point Piston Ram of  Hydraulic Shop Press at Circle Of Rosin Cube Kit  dp-rp257 Pro
        • Stroke Extend of The Shop Press >6"
        • Hydraulic Shop Press < 20 Tons
        • One Person Operation
        • Keep It out of Reach of Children
        • Do Not Switch on PID Temp Controller Box Without Putting Rod into Aluminum Platen
        • Dabpress Digital Temp Controller Is Not Compatible to E-Nail For Vaping

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