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dp-rp37    Caged Plates 
dp-rp35s  Caged Plates
dp-rp47    Cageless Press Plates
dp-bj6t35 Hydraulic Rosin Press
dp80        Pneumatic Rosin Press

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$36.99 dp-dt1 Bamboo Dab Tool Kits
$36.99 dp-pm3015r Cylinder Pre-press Mold 
$19.99 dp-bt160ns Rosin Press Bags
$24.99 dp-mj37 Rosin Bag Holder
$22.99 dp-mj35 Rosin Bag Holder

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What Kind of Products Can You Buy Here?

Rosin Press Plates
 - Build Your Own Hydraulic Rosin Press
All-in-One Rosin Press - Impact Small Size Rosin Press
Dab Tool Kits - Collect and Store Your Rosin
Pre Press Mold - Produce Great Pucks For Pressing 
Rosin Filter Bag - Yield Your Buds When Pressing
Rosin Bag Holder - Prevent to Burn Your Fingers
Canna Storage - Treat Your Buds for High Yield  

We Offer Free Shipping to U.S. If Minimum Purchased Order Is over $299.

We Also Offer Free Shipping to E.U.,North Amercia, Australia, New Zealand and UK If Minimum Purchased Order Is over $399.

Definitely Yes! dp-rp35 Has the Same PID temp Controller Box with Rosin Cage Kit dp-rp35s. You Will Be Charged only $150 Shop Now

Apology for that! 

dp-rp37 Rosin Cage Kit - 165mm Heating Rods 600 Watts.

dp-rp35 Rosin Uncaged Kit - 115mm Heating Rods 500 Watts.

We Don't Recommend to Upgrade into 3x7" Rosin Cage Kits from 3x5" Uncaged Rosin Press Plates Because of Slow Heating up. If You Insist on Upgrading into 3x7" Rosin Cage Kits, You only Pay $180 Shop Now

dp-pm3015r cylinder pre-press mold made of anodized aluminum paired with 2x3",2x4" rosin filter bags. We recommend to squish verticial rosin filters build for high yield.

dp-pm30r cylinder pre-press mold made of stainless steel also paired wtih 2x3,2x4" rosin bags. You will achieve high yield with vertical rosin bags build.

dp-pm4007s is square pre-press mold made of anodized aliminum, paired with 2x3,2x4" rosin bags. Usually we squish the horizontal rosin fitlers build.

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We only offer 220 Voltage rosin press plates or all-in-one rosin press from our official website. 

We offer extended warranty to protect my customers. Please read it carefully before purchase Learn More