Dear Rosineer,

In Order to Make It Clear from Which Warehouse Your Order Will Be Fulfilled, We've Listed the Fulfillment Details as below:

  • 110V - FULFILLED BY CN WAREHOUSE ] = American Standard 110V Model Shipping from China Factory 
  • 220V - FULFILLED BY CN WAREHOUSE ] = European Standard 220V Model Shipping from China Factory 
  • 110V - FULFILLED BY US WAREHOUSE ] = American Standard 110V Model Shipping from America Warehouse 
  • 110V - FULFILLED BY CA WAREHOUSE ] = American Standard 110V Model Shipping from Canada Warehouse
  • 220V - FULFILLED BY EU WAREHOUSE ] = European Standard 220V Model Shipping from European Warehouse

Please Be Noted:

  • If You Buy An Item That Does Not Match The Standard Voltage/Model in Your Country, We Will Contact You for Confirmation. If We Don't Get Response Within 2 Business Days, We Will Start Fulfilling Your Order.
  • In Order to Save Import Taxes / Duties for You, Fulfilling Your Order from the Local Warehouse Is Our Priority Choice. If You Choose " Fulfilled By CN Warehouse", Maybe It Will Be Fulfilled from the Local Warehouse at the End. Sometimes You Will Have to Wait For A Couple of Days Before Our Cargo Arrives in the Local Warehouse.

To American Rosineers: 

  • No Import Taxes If the Total Order Amount under $800.00
  • No Sales Taxes

To Canada Rosineers:

  • Few Import Taxes If Shipping from the CN Warehouse
  • No Sales Taxes

To European Rosineers:

  • Import Taxes [ Import, Customs, and Tariff Rules - Learn More ]
  • No Sales Taxes

To Rosineers from Other Countries:

  • Import Taxes - Please Check It out Before Purchase
  • No Sales Taxes

When We Ship Your Order from Our CN Warehouse:

  • In Order to Minimize Your Import Taxes, We Only Ship the Items with DHL Priority.
  • In Order to Minimize Your Import Taxes, We Will Offer Lower Value Invoice to DHL.
  • Please Don't Hesitate to Contact Us If You Have Any Special Requirements about the Invoice.
  • Please Contact Us to Get A Sample of the Commercial Invoice If You Need.
  • DHL Will Help You Clear Customs.

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