New 3x5" Uncaged Heat Press Plates - Pair it with 10-12 Ton Hydraulic Press

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Uncaged Press Plates


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Dabpress dp-rp35 Anodized Heat Plate Kits with Dual Anodized Plates, Dual Heaters, Dual Temp Sensors, Temperature Control Box -  Pair With A or H-Frame Hydraulic Shop Press


  • Alignment & Safety - Newer Version dp-rp35 Allows the Bottom Platen to Secure on the Hydraulic Press to Align Both Platens for Safety During Pressing.
  • Innovative 8mm Slim Insulator - SGS Certified Food Grade Insulation, Allows Machine to Reach a Temperature of 200F in 4-5 Minutes While Protecting the Hydraulics From Overheating.
  • 3x5 Heated Plates - Popular Size Working Surface on the Market, Well Suited to Press 3.5-28g Materials After Pairing With a 6-12-Ton Hydraulic Shop Press.
  • Anodized Aluminum Heated Platens - Food Grade Working Surface; Easy Cleanup After Use; Quick Even Heat Distribution.
  • Accurate Temperature Detected - Accurate Temperature Delivered Through Independent Heating Rods and Thermocouples.
  • Long Working Life Guaranteed - More Than 6,000 Times Service For Heating Rods.


  • dp-rp35 Heat Plate Kit Needs to be Attached to a Hydraulic Device by Yourself.
  • Well-packaged, Without Markings in Thick Carton.
  • Support Use about Yield and Press, Read Our Blog
  • Why Can't I Use Dabpress' Temp Controller Box for E-nail? Read Here

Packing List:

  • 3x5" Anodized Heat Press Platens With Heating Rods and Thermocouples
  • 1Pcs x PID Temp Control Box dp-tc02r115
  • Instruction Manual 
  • 2Pcs x Screwdriver Tool 

    • Temperature Range: 0-399F 
    • Voltage: 110V 
    • Power: 500W
    • Plate Size: 3" x 5" 
    • External Package: 14.0" x 14.0" x 6.1"
    • Gross Weight: 9.5lbs
        • Recommended 2x4" Filter Bag Work Together Cylinder Pre Press Mold and 2x4" Mold
        • dp-mj35 Does Not Suit to dp-rp35

        • Point Piston Ram of Hydraulic at Center of Top-platen and Then Tighten 4 Included Bolts
        • Put Bottom-platen And Top-platen In Alignment Together on Bamboo Plank
        • Compatible with Any Hydraulic Press < 20 Tons
        • Press Ram Diameter < 2.16 inch ( 55mm )
        • Do Not Switch on PID Temp Controller Box Without Putting Rod into Aluminum Platen
        • One Person Operation
        • Keep It out of Reach of Children
        • Dabpress Digital Temp Controller Is Not Compatible to E-Nail for Vaping

        Instructions To Secure Platens to Hydraulic Press Frame:

        • 1# Install the top heated plates onto the ram of the hydraulic press.
        • 2# Install the bottom heated plate using the long threaded rod through the bamboo insulation, then attached to the worktable plate.
        • 3# Lower the ram on the hydraulic press just until both plates touch.
        • 4# Adjust the position of the plates if necessary, so they are aligned.
        • 5# Insure bamboo plank is aligned under the bottom plate.
        • 6# Tighten the nut on the long threaded rod to secure it to the worktable plate below.

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              • Will this mount to a arbor press? . Also would the caged rosin plates work with a arbor press?

                Thanks for your question!  1, Whether the arbor press offer enough space to put dp-rp35 or not. 2, How much pressure will the arbor press deliver? I suggest there are less 3 ton force of pressure to be paired with rosin cage kit. 3, 1,000 psi is ideal pressure in pratice. Try to find A/H frame hydraulic shop press if you could.

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