7-12g Materials Loaded - Rectangle Puck Maker - Pair it with 2x4" Filters

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2x4" PrePress Mold Dabpress iBudtek dp-pm4007s Flower Puck Maker Made of Food Grade Anodized Aluminum - The Rectangle Puck Created Well Suited to 2-Inch Width Filter Bags [37- 160 Micron Mesh Filters]


  • Double PETP Sheet Attached - Create 7 - 12g Pucks With Included Non-Stick PETP Sheet.
  • Rectangle Pucks Created - 2x4" Pre Press Puck Mold Pairs With 2x4" or 2x4.5" Filter Bags.
  • Anodized Aluminum Made - The Mold is Anodized Into a Silver Color With Smooth Surface.
  • Won't Get Stuck - Smaller Gap Between the Mold and Ram to Prevent it From Sticking While Pre Pressing Pucks.
  • Tools To Assist - Recommend to Create Pucks With an Arbor Press or Hand Clamp to Compress; Do Not Press With Platens.

Packing List:

  • 1 x 3-Piece Prepress Mold
  • 1 x PVC Sheet

  • Item No.: dp-pm4007s
  • Anodized Aluminum Made
  • The Puck Size: 40 mm (W) x 7 mm ( T) x 85 mm ( L)
  • The Puck Size: 1.57" x 0.27" x 3.34" 
  • Rectangle Puck Maker

      • Recommend to Pair It With 2x4" Filter Bags
      • 37 Micron Bags for Hash
      • 90-160 Micron Bag for Flower.

      • Recommend to Use Irwin Clamp or Arbor Press to Assist With Pressure. 
      • Do Not Make Pucks with Platens to Protect It's Working Surface


      Ask a Question
      • How does it heat?

        dp-pm4007s is just a puck maker.

      • The pre mold cylinder says no shake, would this be better for shake?

        It works great with the shake! Thanks for your reminding.

      • Does this work with the hydraulic presses that you sell?

        For sure! The mold will create a rectangle puck to be paired with 2x4" rosin bags. Please notice, don't press the buds with rosin press, it will scratch the surface. Irwin Clamp was recommended.

      • Are you planning on manufacturing any more of these?

        For sure, it will be available after two weeks on eBay.com (At the end of Oct,2018)

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