3.5-7g Bottle Tech Pre-Press Mold - Pair it with 2x4" Filters - Hand Pressure

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Dabpress iBudtek dp-pm3015r Flower Pucker Real Food Grade - Produce Cylinder Puck Well Suited to Our 2x4" Filter Bag 


  • Food-Grade Puck Maker - Made of Food Grade Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • 3-Piece Design - Three Piece Design for Easy Pre-Pressing of Puck Using Only Hand Pressure or Works with Bar Clamp.
  • Easy to Use - Quickly and Neatly Prepare Buds for Pressing
  • Bottle Tech Pre Press Mold - Pucks Compatible with Vertical Filter Build (Bottle Tech Style) to Maximize High Yield.
  • 3.5-7g Puck - Well Suited to Make 3.5-7g Flower Puck

Cylinder Puck Maker:

  • Efficient Use of Vertical Space for Materials.
  • Focused Pressure on Smaller Surface Area.

  • Item No.: dp-pm3015r
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum 
  • Inner Diameter: 1.18"
  • Recommend Puck Thickness: 0.5-1"
  • Shape: Round / Cylinder

    • Press Buds into Cylinder Shaped Puck For Use With or Without Filters
    • Recommended Pairing with 2x4" Filter Bags
    • Press the Vertical Filter Bags Build to Maximize the Yield

    • Press Buds With Ease by Hand
    • Recommended For Whole Buds or Flowers Only, Not Recommended For Shake, Hash, Sift or Ground Buds.
    • 0.5-1" Thickness of Pre-Pressed Flower Puck Is Recommended

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    • How much will this press condense

      The cylinder pre-press mold ( dp-pm3015r) works great with 3.5-7g materials.

    • Is this better for the 3 x 3 or 3 x 5 plates?

      Hello, thanks for your question.
      In fact, this cylinder pre press mold work great with all sized plates. Such as, 2x2,3x3,3x5,3x7,4x7 plates.
      We recommend to squish vertical rosin filter bags build when pressing for high yield.

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