Rosin Bag - The Best Cheap Rosin Filter Bags to Be Offered


Rosin Bags & Rosin Press Mold 

3.5 - 7 Grams Buds Flower Solventless Extraction | Bottle Tech Extraction

  • Bottle Tech Style Pre Press Mold dp-pm30r & dp-pm3015r 
  • 37 Micron Bags for Hash
  • 2x4" Rosin Bags ( 90, 120 and 160 Micron Bags ) for Flower Only

7-14 Grams Buds Flower and Hash Solventless Extraction 

  • Bottle Tech Style Pre Press Mold dp-pm40r 
  • Rectangle 2x4" Pre Press Mold ( Double PETP Sheet Included )
  • 2x4" Rosin Bags Pairs It with 2x4" Pre Press Mold 
  • 2.5x4.5" Rosin Bags Pairs it with Bottle Tech Pre Press Mold dp-pm4r

Be Noted, Please!

  • Pressing Down Slowly to Prevent the bags from Blowing out.
  • Do Not Create the Pucks with Rosin Press to prevent the working surface from scratching.

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